Tawaran Istimewa Dari FxOpen

Ku terima tawaran dari fxopen..fuuuh lama ku tak trading ni~jenguk kejap2 jerk skrg ni~bz kat luar~aku ingat nak start minggu adees cam tak kesempatan jerk~waktu dah lain~bila dah ada kerja ni~

FXOpen is happy to announce a huge change in the trading conditions for Micro Accounts.

As of the open of the market on Monday, 25th August, the new conditions will be as follows.

1) The spread on all pairs is being reduced to the same as they are on a Standard account! (from 2 pips on majors)

2) The new maximum balance on Micro is US$3000

3) When the account reaches a balance of US$3000 or more, the leverage will be reduced 100x (for example from 1:500 to 1:5). To adjust the leverage back to the level of your choice, you can withdraw from your account (or close some losing positions) to make the balance less than US$3000, then adjust the leverage from your MyFXOpen area.

We are sure that the reduced spreads will be useful to our micro account traders and we hope that it will help you to make more profits.


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