Keselamatan E-Gold $5.99 .US Domain Sale!

The ONLY true URL is If you only type or it will become or

DO NOT enter this fake site:, or ur eyes may deceive you–so,be careful

There ARE a number of fake URL that we will not post here for security reasons. But they look EXACTLY like e-gold website down to the fine print. So make sure you read through the tips below so you can detect and login safe into the real e-gold website.

1) Use non ActiveX browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. Highly recommended if you care about your money!

2) Use a private, dedicated email for your e-gold account with the password different than your e-gold account.

3) Do not use a single word as your password. Generate a strong one such as AboH%!10mMk1!!$(.

4) Generate a good strong powerful password. If you can’t remember write it down somewhere safe. Or you can use AI Roboform. If you can’t think of a good strong password, we recommend you check out Winguides Password Generator. Many options to choose from. Make it a minimum of 10 characters. Add symbols and numbers as well.

5) Store your password in a safe place. Preferably in a notebook. Or you can store it in a file in a container such as Cryptainer LE.

6) Do not use your e-gold password, as password for any other site.

7) Make sure there is a padlock icon in your browser when you are logging in your e-gold account:

8) Check the SSL certificate. At the e-gold web site, these values are:

Issued to:
Issued by: VeriSign
Valid from: Changes from time to time
Thumbprint: F84F 522C E958 A443 5A37 8934 6D77 2D70 096C 6A82

9) Refresh the page, and check to see if the turing number changes.

10) Double check if you are at real e-gold web site before entering your password.

11) Always use the SRK login. A little effort pays.

12) Do not let your e-gold account idle too long (after 20 minutes you will be automatically logged out)

13) Set the followings in your e-gold account:

  • Go to Account Info > AccSent
  • Change: Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity to HIGH .
  • Change: Detect Browser Change to Enabled
  • Change: Home and Work Mode to Disabled

14) Make sure your protection software such as antivirus, antispyware and any other security software is up to date.

15) Do not open your e-gold account when you are running an autosurf program.

16) Avoid logging in your e-gold account from public computers unless you use a dedicated password filler such as AI Roboform. But if possible, unless necessary, try not to log into your e-gold account from public untrusted computers.

17) Check for dangerous e-gold keyloggers:

  • Click the Start button
  • Click Run
  • Type regedit
  • Click edit and fine (A box will pop up)
  • Search the files below in that box. If the file(s) are found, please delete them immediately!Files to search:
    – gdiwxp.dll
    – pwsteal.trojan
    – cpu.exe
    – Win32/Goldun.iaYou might have to search in your Windows/System32 directory as well!

18) Do not trust any emails claiming to be sent from e-gold. They do not send emails asking you to log in your account. Delete the emails, and if you must, open your browser and type the URL instead of clicking the URL in the email.

19) Do not click on any links to the e-gold site in emails.

20) Make sure your clipboard is clean from prying eyes. You can use WorldStart Clipboard Cleaner.

Your computer security is your responsibility. If your e-gold is compromised, there is nobody to be blamed but yourself. Remember, there is no way to reverse the transaction or any ways to get your money back if your account is hacked. Please exercise good security steps for the safety of your account. Don’t wait until you’re hit before you regret.

Gathered from various sources.
::ProfitSwinger Team


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