Data Ekonomi dan Pengaruh USD

Beberapa Data Ekonomi dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Dollar AS

No Economic Indicator Naik / Turun US$

1. Average Earning- Naik Menguat

2. Balance of Payment- Naik Menguat
3. Budget Deficit Turun- Menguat
4. Business Inventories – Turun Menguat
5. Capacity Utilization -Naik Menguat
6. Car Sales -Naik Menguat
7. Chicago PMI- Naik Menguat
8. Constuction Spending- Naik Menguat
9. Consumer Confidence Index (CCI)- Naik Menguat
10. Consumer Credit (CI) -Naik Menguat
11. Consumer Price Index (CPI)- Turun Menguat
12. Consumer Spending (Expenditure)- Turun Menguat
13. Cost of Living – Naik Menguat
14. Current Acount- Turun Menguat
15. Corporate Profit -Naik Menguat
16. Deflasi -Naik Menguat
17. Discount Rate – Naik Menguat
18. Durabel Goods Orders- Naik Menguat
19. Econimic Monetary System (EMS)- Naik Menguat
20. Factory Orders – Naik Menguat
21. Federal Budget -Naik Menguat
22. Federal Reserve Fund- Naik Menguat
23. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – Naik Menguat
24. Gross National Product (GNP) -Naik Menguat
25. Housing Start -Naik Menguat
26. Industrial Productions- Naik Menguat
27. Invisible Trade – Turun Menguat
28. Jobless Claims -Naik Menguat
29. Leading Indicator- Naik Menguat
30 Money Supply (M1, M2, M3, M4)- Naik Menguat
31. National Association – Naik Menguat
32. (NAPM) -Naik Menguat
33. Non Farm Payrolls- Naik Menguat
34. Personal Expenditure- Naik Menguat
35. Personal Income – Turun Menguat
36. Prime Rate -Naik Menguat
37. Product Price Index (PPI)- Naik Menguat
38. Public Sector Debt Repayment- Naik Menguat
39. Retail Sales -Turun Menguat
40. Trade Balance- Naik Menguat
41. Trade Devicit -Turun Menguat
42. Trade Weighted Index -Turun Menguat
43. Unemployment Rate -Turun Menguat
44. Unit Labour Cost -Naik Menguat
45. Value Added Tax – Naik Menguat
46. Visible Trade -Naik Menguat


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